Remaining trimmed raw version are only available in project

I am not sure if can describe clearly my problem.
I made a project from about 100 clips, 2-4 sec each after cutting. It’s not yet finished- I need to add extra 20clips and work on soundtrack. I exported such unfinished version on You Tube format without problems. When I opened project next day (MLT format), it was made only from this cutted/deleted parts of my clips, not the main parts I wanted to keep (for example i upload 7sec clip, cutted off 4sec and kept 3sec. When I open project it was made all from this cutted/deleted 4sec parts).
I just hope I switch accidentally some option I can turn it back.
Obviously I can open this correct You Tube version (MP4) in Shotcut but its one long video clip, where I can’t edit audio for example,
thanks for help in advance

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