Reload assets from disk (such as an image)?

Is there a way to reload an asset from the disk if I’ve modified it in an external program? In this case I have an overlay image that I’m working on in Inkscape. When I save it I want to load the new image in Shotcut.

Right now I close the project and reopen it, which causes it to reload.

That’s the way it works for the timeline

If you have an item in the playlist that you modify with an external program you can simply select the item, open it in the viewer and it will reflect the update.

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I moved this to Suggestion since it is something that I agree can be added in the future (assuming some one ever gets around to it considering the long list of bugs and suggestions).


This does not update the item during playback.

I clicked on the item in the playlist and it shows the new version from the disk, but the timeline still uses the old version.

For the timeline to update you need to close and reopen the project.

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