Release 17.10 new features

Cool new features:

Fixed multi-threaded decoding with FFmpeg v3.2.
Added 1080p 59.94 and 60 fps video modes.
Added support for NVENC to Export panel.

But not so neccessary things like keyframing can wait. Holy Moly when keyframing will be implemented? 2038?

Do you implemend whr users need or what you think users need? One reason more to not use shotcut/kdenlive and so on.

Then stop using them, simple really :wink:
I can live just fine without keyframes.

You have keyframes in Kdenlive if you need that. Not only that but a lot more features if you need them. You can do like me, I edit my videos in Shotcut and when I need specific clips with keyframes I use Kdenline. It’s simple, the best of both Shotcut and Kdenlive. :slight_smile:

And another thing. Free software developers usually make their programs according to their needs, scratch their own hitch. We are very lucky that they let us use their software for free and sometimes even implement our suggestions. Don’t forget that many of this developers don’t earn money from their software and instead of having fun doing other things or being with their families they invest time in their programs that we also use for free.

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