Relative timing position inside a clip

Is there a way to know at witch time position the cursor is located relative to a clip segment?
For example I’ve a full video maded of 10 clips.
I need to cut clip nr. 3 at a relative time from the start.
Instead on timeline I’ve only the global time position.
Sorry for bad english, I hope you got my question :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Someone else may have a better way of doing this, but my first thought would be to Copy clip #3 (Ctrl+C or right-click Copy) which will put it in the Source viewer. The timeline in the Source viewer would be specific to that clip, not the entire project. Trim the clip as needed (“I” is hot key for in point, “O” is hot key for out point), then drag/insert/overwrite/paste/whatever the clip back into the timeline when done.

I already tried with the source viewer but its a feature that I quite don’t like at all.
Its so hard to work with it. There is no audio waveform preview, so its quite hard to make precise cuts.
Also its difficult to extract many clips out of it.

As @Austin said, the way to do it to copy the clip to source.
If you need an audio waveform you can add a filter, ie gain, to the clip in the viewer and look at the audio waveform in the keyframes panel.



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