Reinstallation of Shotcut

I have an issue with the audio (audio sound suddenly disappeared, although other projects don’t have this issue which is strange) and read a couple of ways to rectify the issue here. The main suggestion was to uninstall and then reinstall Shotcut. I’ve done so many hours of work on my video and am afraid to do this method without being 100% sure that if I do this, my saved work will still be in “Recent Projects”. Thank you.

So you have already determined that the solution to your audio problem is a Shotcut reinstallation?
Can you provide more information and a screenshot of the project in Shotcut to see if there is anything else?
We can help from specific information, such as the operating system, the version of Shotcut, etc.
Sometimes, in the screenshot we can appreciate certain details that can help.
Very general information can be ambiguous and we can only make hypotheses.
Regarding installation or reinstallation, it should be noted that Shotcut also works without installation (portable)

It should not forget this unless you are using the Windows installer and explicitly enable the checkbox to remove Shotcut’s settings in the registry. You should try a reboot.

Thank you.

I didn’t reinstall because I discovered the solution to my problem, I had ‘Mute’ filter in Output.

I noticed that projects were disappearing in my ‘recent projects’. So I installed the recent version hoping that maybe it was because I needed to do so. They have not reappeared. What is going on? I’ve already had to redo hours of the same lost work because the programme crashed and now this
I’m really upset right now and appreciate any help. Thank you.

Shotcut only remembers the last 100 files that you opened. Recent projects are a subset of that. Just because the project is not listed does not mean it is gone. It means you need to find it on your hard drive. This is very similar to many programs like word processors and so on that can show recent files. It does not show everything you ever created in that list. You still need to understand where you have put things on your hard drive.

I found all my work had automatically saved in “this PC” under “videos”. Thank god.

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You found the exported videos. The projects may be saved in another path.
You can find that path in the window that opens when you start a new project, in the field: Project Folder.
Additionally, you may have inadvertently checked the Preferences menu - Clear Recent on Exit.
Anyway, congratulations on saving your work.

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