Regulate the custom layout of Shotcut in startup

I really think that if we have a way to set the custom layout as the default layout on startup for shotcut. it’ll improve the overall experience and customization per-user. It’s good that theres already a feature to create a new layout, but kind of a bummer to select on per-session startup.

It already does this.

There is? I can set a custom layout by going to

View > Layout

but I cannot make it to show that layout when shotcut is ran on each startup automatically.

Are you looking for a checkmark on the menu item or the actual screen layout? It is by design that when you choose a custom layout it does not appear as selected in the menu. That is because as soon as you make one tiny little change then it is no longer in the same state as the custom layout. So, custom layouts are like snapshots that are applied but not sticky. If you want a sticky custom layout, then you can customize any of the quick/preset layouts too by simply switching to it and making changes. We do not really need any more features and functions around layouts. Learn to work with what exists.

Or put another way: sometimes you want an unmodifiable custom layout to return to. That is what a custom layout provides. Other times you want the layout change to automatically save itself, and you also want to be able switch between several of them. Got that too in the preset layouts: Logging, Editing, FX, Color, Audio, Player.

To clarify, what you are saying is that modifying one the preset layouts (Logging, Editing, FX, Color, Audio, Player.) should save and show the modified layout of that preset upon the restart?

If so, Any modification to the preset layout will not save and show up in the next startup of the app, but will show the default layout of the preset selected, as expected.

Yes, and it works for me. If it does not work then perhaps is crashing when you quit Shotcut and unable to save the layout. However, it is also possible that what is saved and restored is not pixel perfect. It depends on what you mean by “show up” and the change you made. Simply opening or closing a view/panel works for me. Try it now without loading any project or media. Open Shotcut, make a change, exit, and restart.

Okay I see. Removing the panel, adding a new panel or re-positioning a panel to somewhere else saves perfectly fine, but things like re-sizing will not save. it Isn’t possible to save the sizing state of one panel I’m guessing?

Since I have found several threads describing the same problem (I have it too), I assume the following procedure?!:
A basic split layout is loaded every time.
A self-created layout “must” be selected again each time so that this layout appears pixel-precise.

Is my assumption correct?
Then saving your own layout makes little sense, because moving the timeline some pixel up might even be faster.