Registry problems sound and files errors .19.06

I reported That I was having Problems with sound Sound bars playing but no audio and filters not turning off. This was affecting other clips in the video. I brought 19. 4 down , but this time cleared the registry. everything now works.
Advice in future . If it has problems as previous reported. delete the program , reload it, but before install clear the registry , it could be the answer . Now back to editing my holiday film of Alaska. Cheers!!

What do you mean by “clear the registry”?

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I think you meant continuing from Added to reported sound problem
In the future, as long as the thread is not more than a couple of months old, you should continue on the same thread.

One thing that changed in default settings from v19.02 to 19.04 to 19.04 is the Display Method from DirectX to Automatic and back to DirectX. However, that should have little impact on the problems you experienced especially the sound. Perhaps, you lowered or muted the volume in Shotcut’s player. If you clear the registry you will reset that, of course.

See Shotcut - Configuration Keys

Also, the Windows installer has an option Remove Shotcut Settings from Registry as a checkbox on the last screen.
If you are running the Microsoft Store app, you to right-click the app icon and choose More > App Settings > Reset.

Thank you

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