Reformatted laptop now it won’t use nvidia gpu

I reformatted/ restored my hp laptop to original factory state cause it was running slow and now shotcut wont use the nvidia GeForce rtx 2060 when it renders the video it uses the intergratred graphics card instead. I’ve set the default gpu to the nvidia card and done all the settings I’ve found. It used to use the nvidia gpu and process our YouTube videos really fast now they take much much longer and something is definitely wrong. I installed the newest nvidia drivers and still doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

In the Export panel, click on “Configure”. When the “Configure Hardware Encoding” dialog appears, click on “Detect”. Wait for the detection to complete. What did Shotcut fine? Can you share a screenshot?

Also, have you click the checkbox to “Use hardware encoder”?

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Thanks for the reply. Use hardware encoder was not checked we now checked it but it didn’t fix the issue. Here are screenshots

Here is also this screenshot

How do you know that? If it just seems slower that is not good enough. If you have hardware encoder turned on before starting, start an export using defaults/H.264/HEVC, the export finishes successfully, and you can play the result; then it is working.
Maybe before you had Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing turned on and now you do not.

Once we made the adjustments we exported a video that was previously edited and coded to test if there was any changes and the video still took just as long as the first time we exported the file. A 12 minute long video took 29 minutes to export where normally before I reformatted the computer it used to take 12-15 minutes.

We export using h264 high profile, which is what we’ve always used.
I also checked the task manager while exporting and the nvidia gpu is not in use while exporting. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Maybe before you had Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing turned on and now you do not.

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Yep! That parallel processing feature wasn’t checked now for some reason we just checked it did a render and it’s now half the time! You are AMAZING! Thank you sooooooo much! My wife wanted to buy a new computer she hated this so much! Again thank you so much and hope you had a Happy Easter!

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