Reediting a video that has been exported

Can I re-edit a video that has been exported? If so, can I add new videos and timelines? I use all my finished videos on YouTube. I use an Iphone to shoot them.

Yes. In theory an unlimited number of times because it’s Digital.

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Yes, but don’t forget you will be encoding the original video twice, and, unless you use a lossless encoding for the first export, the second export will lose more detail.

Thanks for the response. Can you explain “lossless encoding” and how do I do it?

Sorry, I missed this one.

If you look in the PRESETs for export you will see a section called “lossless”.

However lossless videos are huge! Since no pixel information is thrown away. If you are only exporting a file that will be used over and over again in different projects I would go for a “Visually Lossless” MP4, with quality set at 67%. The filesize will be much less than lossless, you will be able to play it using any video player (not always the case with lossless), and it should be good enough.

Thank you. That is very helpful.

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