Reduce the treble in the sound

Hi guys,

In a video, the sounds of the letters s and z are high. i can edit this what filter should i use


From what I just read, these SSS sounds are called Sibilance and are located in the 5 to 8 kHz range.

So I tried the Equalizer: Parametric filter in Shotcut and it worked pretty well with these settings (I only used Band 2). You may need to experiment with the frequency, gain and bandwidth on your own audio file

If you can treat the audio in an outside app, there is a group of plugins for Audacity called the Fish fillets that seams to work quite well also.

I did not test the plugins myself, so you’re on your own with that one.


Oooh, thanks @musicalbox for the fish fillets tip. I’ll go out and catch them :rofl:

You’re welcome @jonray
Let us know how it worked. :slight_smile:

OK, it worked. Thank you so much. @MusicalBox

shotcut is getting more and more popular. :slight_smile:

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Your welcome @Ertan. I’m glad it worked for you :+1:

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