Recreate Sound Reactive Triangle?

I was wondering how one might go about recreating in Shotcut the sound reactive Triangle?

He gives these instructions in a Instruction video:

He says to use Aveeplayer [] to analyse the music footage. Then to create an avi video file which you drag and drop on your timeline.


It looks like the whole process that he describes could be done with Shotcut as well.

I haven’t tried it but he does a great job of explaining how to do it.

I use shotcut to make my music videos. Maybe if you try really hard, you can make a triangle, but I prefer a circle :slight_smile:


That though, did not really answer my question.

Thanks for that.

Very cool! I’d like to know how you did it! :+1:

There is nothing complicated :slight_smile:

My method of creating audio images is quite resource intensive. This two minute clip is rendered on my laptop in about 15 minutes of real time.

I don’t yet know of an easy way to create a triangle like in your video, but I think that if you spend enough time and experiment with filters, you can achieve a similar result. I have not seen a ready-made recipe for creating such an effect in shotcut on the Internet.

A work in progress

Still needs the glow effect and the lens flares. The waveform also needs some tweaking I think.

I started by creating one waveform with the Audio Spectrum Visualization filter.


In Photoshop, I created a grid of vertical black lines to overlay on top of the waveform…
This adds those separations on the waveform.

Then I exported this single waveform file and brought it in a new project.
I duplicated it 2 times and added a SP&R filter to each one to make the triangle.

This is a lot of steps, but I believe there are ways to simplify the process. Maybe to the point that it will be possible to recreate all this in one single timeline.
I will try to work on it again when I get more time. This is an interesting challenge.


Wow, now that is rather impressive, I prefer it to the original that I asked about… thanks.

You’re welcome @Johnny_Debt

Here’s another try using a song as the audio track.

I also added a glow effect. Not sure if I like it or not.
Still needs work :slight_smile:


Wow, these are marvellous! You are one hot shotcutter, @musicabox. :wink: :+1:


Got to agree with you on that @jonray

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