Recovered file failed to open

Hi. So, what happened was, my computer suddenly shut off. I haven’t saved it once. It usually isn’t a problem because there’ll be a pop-up asking me if I want to recover the file but in this case, there wasn’t any. So, I searched how to manually recover the file. But the file that I lost wasn’t there (the ones that are there were from a month ago). But, when I looked it up in the application log, it says MainWindow::open “C:/Users/Luiz/Recent/72ad2c19cdd43c542ac1e86809714183.mlt.lnk” So, I thought that it was there, maybe hidden. I went to my computer window and searched for all .mlt files. And there was the file that lost. But, when I dragged it to my shortcut application. It says, "MainWindow::open “C:/Users/Luiz/Recent/72ad2c19cdd43c542ac1e86809714183.mlt.lnk” What should I do?

That is not a valid recovery file. It is a file that Windows uses to link to a recent file. Your work is lost.

Thank you for rreplying! May I ask why it wasn’t valid?

.lnk files are pointers to real files. For instance, the Windows “Recent” folder has .lnk files which point (as in redirect) to the real files. Your project data is not in the .lnk file itself. .lnk stands for “link”.

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