Recording Super8/Standard8 movies on CoolPix L840

I’m COMPLETE new to ShortCut - so bare with me !

I’m trying to record my 40-45 years old Super8/standard8 home movies to my my CoolPix L840.

I get these “rolling stripes” on the recording - I think it has to do with difference in frame rate on the projector and the CoolPix.

But How do I fix it ?

Hi @ksor,

So you’re recording your film with your coolpix from a television or monitor? What is your player - is there a video and audio output? With a TV card on your computer or video digitizer, you can record with Shotcut in real time without loss.

Looks like the Super8 is at 18fps if I read this link correctly.

And according to Nicon’s tech page for your camera:

I think you are correct with the difference in frame rates, but I’m not sure how to solve the issue though.

Oh sorry, now I know the Super8-Thing! I thought it would be an 8mm-Tape Camcorder!
The only way to prevent the ‘rolling stripes’ is to record analog film with an optical lens adapter on a digital recorder so that I can digitally edit it as described above. That’s how my great-uncle always did it.

I saw a YT-video which solved this in this manner:

take a copy of the track and stack it on top of the first, then shift the copy 1/2/3 frames til the “rolling stripes” disappear .

Can this be done in ShortCut ?

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