Record Audio feature mutes sound?

Not sure if this is a bug or intended but when I use the new ‘record audio’ button there is no sound on playback while I’m recording. It records fine but obviously the feature is useless for voiceovers if I can’t hear the video I’m recording a voiceover for as I need to time my delivery. Is this a bug or is the feature working as intended?

This is intended because I am usually not using headphones, and then I otherwise get feedback from the speakers going into the microphone. I might add an option, but of course, you can simply unmute the player as an extra step at the beginning. Instead of hearing the video, you can also try watching it… unless it is a single photo for a long time. You can also view the timeline waveforms.

Thanks for the prompt response. How do I unmute the player? Also, now when i hit the record button instead of recording instantly it brings up a file requester to save an ‘opus’ file?!

That (file save dialog) is normal too when you are not using a project folder. You only establish a project folder for a project when you use New Project > Start. If you are not using a project folder, the program does not assume that you want the audio recorded in the same folder as the project file: Some people like to keep documents, audio, and videos in separate places. Not to mention that you can click Record Audio without even a project saved! There is a volume button in the player controls where you unmute:


A single click shows the volume slider. A double-click effectively toggles mute.

Wow I spent so long looking for a mute button and somehow missed it, thanks!

I’m not sure if my problem is related to this, (im also very new to editing) but i use a turtle beach headset to record my voice overs. The problem is that as soon as i start recording, i lose all audio through the headset. In Shotcut and in other video players.

Like the other person said, i kinda need the audio from the clip to be able to edit correctly. I also dont see any muted options, the video seems to be unmuted and check/unchecking the box doesnt change anything aslong as the audio is recording

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