Recommended video format for editing

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I make screen recordings from time to time. In your opinion, which format is the most efficient and suitable for video editing (color grading, cutting, copying, etc.)? .mkv, .mov, mp4?

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Hello. mkv, mov, mp4 are containers that can contain various video codecs. Most likely, the screen recording program uses either the h.264 or hevc codec. The choice between them depends on whether you use the proxy function. If you work without a proxy, I recommend h.264, it is easier for editing. Using a proxy, it doesn’t matter what codec the screen was recorded with.

When you say proxy, do you mean the proxy during record? Or is it the proxy in the video edit?

I mean video editor. Settings - Proxy - Use Proxy.
This feature is very helpful if the computer cannot handle the original file.

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Yes. I find it very practical and use the proxy process. It is easy to work while editing.

  • Videos encoded in format h264… I think it is much more suitable…


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