Recommended LUT's

Is there a collection of recommended LUT’s somewhere available for download? I can certainly Google it and come up with endless options, but I’m really looking for some recommendations from the Shotcut community. Ideally, these would be LUT’s that are FOSS or otherwise freely distributed (and not requiring an email address in return). Thanks.

Take a look at this.


Thanks for the link. I’m actually familiar with the Hald CLUT’s that are available from my photography work in FOSS RAW editors. I just didn’t know they were available as LUT’s for video as well. So, this is quite a find, and one that I’ll be bookmarking. Thanks again.

Why shotcut does not support haldclut filter from libavfilter?

Because it requires 2 inputs, and in MLT something with 2 inputs and 1 output is a mlt_transition and no-one has made a mlt_transition for libavfilter.

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