Recommended filesystem for Shotcut


I’m using linux (Debian Sid) and soon plan to migrate to Fedora…At the moment use xfs in raid1 setup and wonder what would be recommended filesystem to work efficiently with Shotcut?

When I do video editing I use *.dv files from my archival storage and prepare some video project from it as DVD (mpeg2) or stand-alone mpeg for watching.

Besides xfs, another option would be to use btrfs which simplifies setup since it combines lvm+raid1 features into one and does provide checksumming feature to be assured data is correctly written to the disk surface…

So, any recommendation for xfs vs btrfs?

Probably one for the deep techies at Shotcut… but if it adds to the debate I’m using Linux Mint on good old fashioned EXT4 with a BIOS run RAID 0 array (sorry I’m just a Luddite - what can say) anyway all seems fine with speed and currently with file integrity and I don’t really have the sort of file size concerns that BTRF addresses, although I watch from the sidelines - best of look with your config, and if all else fails I can vouch for EXT4 :blush: