Recommendations for odysee, max bitrates

Given the sensitive content of my videos, I’ll rather go on Odysee, which does not have that filthy re-encoding process.
It posts shit as it’s sent, and to hell if the reader can’t cope with it. Instead they just provide bitrates and resolution guidelines that should work fine.
This is way better as it puts creators in control, and there is less surprised.
I don’t want an average or constant one, but basicaly, I need max quality audio (flac or whatever), and as much quality as it can cram in the remaining bitrate, sum total being 5 Mbps.
I think I know the ffmpeg arguments but I’m unsure how that translates into shotcut export parameters, and/or what codec is compatible.
Otherwise the videos are still mostly still pictures, with some limited video and effects.

Thanks for your advices

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