Reccurent crash with Shotcut

Hello everybody,

I am having a problem with the Shotcut software. When I was working on my editing project, it happened several times that the software would freeze for a few moments before closing on its own for no apparent reason.

When I opened Shotcut again, a few moments later, to resume my work, an automatic save message appeared saying if I wanted to recover my edit. I clicked “yes” on the message to continue my project.

It was then that a new informative message appeared on the screen explaining that the version of Shotcut that I was using was not suitable for my project when, however, a few minutes earlier, everything was working fine. The message also said that I needed to download the new version on June 22, 2023 (it is currently May 2024) which is insane.

I downloaded the latest version of Shotcut on my computer but this same problem still persisted. At one point, I managed to open my project on the latest version of Shotcut but after a few minutes of work, the software closed by itself and when I opened my edit again the version of the software that I used until today came back. I was able to continue my work for a few hours before this problem returned again.

Unfortunately, I cannot resolve this problem with the Shotcut software. Could you help me please? Thank you in advance for your help.

That is not accurate. Here is the program code to which you refer:

tr("This project file requires a newer version!\n\n"
   "It was made with version ") + shotcutVersion,

It is telling you which version of Shotcut last saved the project you are loading. It does not tell you which version to download. The main reason this message appears is due to project file corruption. That also somewhat matches your description of repeated crash and repair. But also crashes can and do happen, but we cannot always fix them especially if there are no repeatable steps. Maybe you are running out of memory; Shotcut requires a lot.

the software closed by itself and when I opened my edit again the version of the software that I used until today came back.

This sounds like you have more than one version installed, you are opening the project by double-clicking the .mlt file, and Windows is configured to run the older version for .mlt files. Maybe you installed one for all users and another only for the current user. You can fix this yourself.

Maybe this is also a cause of the crashing, for example, the older version probably has more bugs. We did not release a “June 22, 2023” version; the closest we have to that date is “23.06.14” (June 14). There is a 22.06.23 version that was released June 23, 2022. There was a major change in between these that can cause instability when trying to load changes made in the 2023-2024 versions into this old version from 2022. Don’t do that. The old version does not know about what would happen in the future.

Could you help me please?

Probably not but you can attach your project file to a reply, and I will take a look.

Thank you so much for your quick and very detailed response to the problem. My computer is probably overcharged and I unintentionally downloaded two versions of the Shotcut software. If the problem persists, I would contact you again. I sincerely thank you again for your valuable help and the time you made available.

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