Reached 10,000 subscribers with Shotcut!

In 2019 my channel went from 600 to over 10,000 subscribers - and all videos were made with Shotcut!

Here is my most-watched video:

Thanks to the Shotcut team for a fantastic product!


Congratulations and thanks for sharing! The Shotcut channel went over 10,000 subs sometime in 2019 as well. Now, we just need to post videos more regularly. :slight_smile:

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Wow, 10,000! Well, you just got one more … me :smiley::+1:

And 1 more like … :smiley:

Great video, will watch them all. Thanks!!


Congrats, and great work!:smiley:

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Thanks all, and the Shotcut channel just got a new subscriber :-).

Congratulations! I’m hoping I’d get 10,000 one day as well!


Well done stgtravels on you success!!! I have to admit that when I first started I was using WMM, but I found this to be a very (TOO) simple editor. I then discovered Shotcut and watched loads of tutorials. I am sure that this is part of the reason that I clocked up 30K subs and 6 million views in a relatively short period of time. I now always recommend Shotcut to anyone that asks!


Thanks, and congratulations to you for 30k!!!

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