Re-exporting a edited youtube video

Hi all!
A collegue of mine did a zoom webinar on water resources and put it on youtube. Maximum play-resolution was 1080.
She asked me to blur out the faces of the participants and to cut away some parts. I downloaded the 170Mb file , edited it in Shotcut and then exported again. I choose the ‘Youtube-settings’ for export. I changed the codec quality tot 100 percent, though. That seemed logical, since the video allready was being compressed on Youtube. Next thing … I had to wait for 4,5 hours to get the video of 1hour and 10 minutes exported to a mp4 of 1.5 Gb. I succesfully loaded it up again. So problem solved. But I keep wondering about how to downsize the Shotcut exporting time. Would reducing the codec quality to the standard 50% help with that? Or is there other options to reduce waiting time without quality loss?
I 'm on the latest version of SC. Use hardware encoder is unchecked.
Greatfull for any hint!

Specs of the original youtube file:

I can only give you a few hints about some things I read on this forum:
The first thing is knowing how to differentiate between lossless compression and lossless (visual quality) compression.
I don’t remember which of the many threads talk about this.
If I understand well, you want the video downloaded from Youtube, not to have a loss of visual quality when editing and exporting it with Shotcut.
The Youtube export preset is usually great for general purposes. Throughout the different versions, the values have been modified for a balance of size and quality.

In Shotcut there are lossless presets, which may be suitable for certain needs, however:
Have you checked the quality of the edited video by exporting with the Youtube preset? Is there a significant loss of quality compared to the original?
I mean that sometimes we get obsessed with the “loss of quality” and do not check if our eyes really perceive that loss.
If I remember the thread that talks about visual quality, I’ll link it here.

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Something to do with visual quality.

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