Re: Audio echoes when opening in Shotcut but not when using other players

This seems to happen for all wmv media, regardless of the audio codec.
(Other players like VLC work as expected.)

Shotcut version: 22.12.21 (prev. versions seems to have the same issue)
OS: Windows 10

The suggested solution to user ‘blueinferno’ was to convert to other formats:
In Shotcut you can use: Properties > menu button: Convert to Edit-friendly…

This works but creates quite large intermediate files.
Since this worked in earlier versions of Shotcut, is there any chance to fix this issue?

I tested with this file that I found on the internet and it sounds the same to me in Shotcut and Windows Media Player:

Can you try that file and see how it sounds for you?

Can you clarify exactly which version works and which version does not work?

Thanks for your fast response.

This file works.

Can you clarify exactly which version works and which version does not work?

Unfortunately I can’t give you the exact version.
Version 22.10.25 and 22.12.21 have the ‘echo’ issue.

I did a bit more research and found that some .rm (cook audio) files that have the echo issue.
I also found files with wma2 audio codec that have the echo issue and some that don’t?!

Maybe you can reproduce the issue with this file:

Hope this helps.
Best regards

I hear it with tallship-medium.wmv. This broke in version 21.03.30 when we upgraded FFmpeg to version 5, a major new version that removed old APIs and required changes in our code to adapt. Not sure I will be able to fix it mainly due to lack of motivation.

You could use HandBrake to convert your problematic files.

I converted tallship-medium.VMW to tallship-medium.MP4 with HandBrake and the resulting file was smaller than the original.

And it fixed that echo problem when used in Shotcut

Thanks for providing the test clip. I have a potential fix for this which will be in the next release. Keep an eye out for the next beta build and test it with your project/files to make sure the fix works for you.