RE Attaching Problem

I’m a new user and I need to change the Pitch of a Music Video.
An SRV vid that tunes a half set down.
I searched and found an old post suggesting detaching the Audio, and export as a wav. Then, use Audacity to edit the Pitch. which I knew how being an Audacity user. Then I found the post by Shotcut leader. how to reattach

which I followed and was able to re-attach the new Pitch audio.
But now I can not seem to duplicate this task.
I tried to do another music video.
but when I go to choose the Audio in
Properties > Audio > Track choose the audio.
it has the same old unedited Audio in the drop-down list and just Re attaches it.
What am I doing wrong?
I have since discovered the Pitch filter in Shotcut and have used it with perfect results
.but now I want to replace the detached audio with a replacement audio.
I can’t figure out how to reattach it.
I know I can do it by adding a second audio track. and that’s my workaround.

You cannot (re)attach modified audio. And you do not need to detach to use the Pitch filter.

@lazypineapple I’m not sure I understand.
If you can show how you do it in the form of screenshots or a video.
Can you share (here or in a private message) the files you want to use.

Ok thanks
I guess I was alittle confused and thought that what I did in a previous edit. My bad.
I did use Pitch filter. And it did exactly what I needed with fewer step.

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