Re-attach audio to video

I am working with Shotcut 23.09.29 and I am not able to re-attach audio to video. This is what I want to do:
a) cut the clip;
b) speed up the video leaving the audio at the original speed;
c) align the audio and cut it at the same duration of the video;
d) re-attach the audio to the video so when I will move the video i will move both audio and video together.
I am not able to do the point (d). Please someone can help me?

Why detach the audio? When changing speed in any manner in Shotcut you have the option to keep the pitch of the original audio that you should use. Otherwise, there is currently no way to group clips, which is what you are asking for. It is on the roadmap. For now, if you really do need to detach the audio, you can mult-iselect the clips to move them together. The next version makes multi-selection more convenient by adding rectangle selection and the option to automatically add tracks (you need an empty area of the timeline to start a rectangle, otherwise you are dragging clips).

Thank you very very much for your extremely quick answer. In my actually case keep the pitch is not a good option. I am editing clips that I have taken in a Manta safari. Some times those fishes are very slow and I would like speed a little the clip but my breath must remain the same, so, in this case, I have many options and I am happy that the feature is in the road map. As usual you are the best

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