Rawvideo Export

How to export raw RGB samples without compression and without encoding to YUV?

You can setup and save a custom export preset

Set format to “rawvideo” from the drop down list, set codec to “rawvideo”

In the “other” tab copy/paste


This assumes you have 8bit RGB on the timeline , otherwise there is an extra conversion from whatever you have to 8bit planar RGB

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Sorry, this doesn’t work.

You have to set Format to “avi”, not “rawvideo”.

Yes it works for raw video

Raw video is headerless, no container (which means no AVI or any container), no metadata . Common programs will not be able to read raw video

Maybe you wanted uncompressed video in RGB24 / RGB32 , not actual raw video ?

That’s not very useful, is it?

What do you suggest as a file extension?

These do not exist in Shotcut as Format or Codec and I have put


in “Other as you suggested”.

I need lossless RGB samples that a common player can play or that can be uploaded to YouTube. Call it “rawvideo” or “uncompressed” or “RGB24” or whatever you will. I need the options to be available on Shotcut and I need a file extension.


Common video players on windows , linux will be able to play uncompressed RGB24 in AVI container (technically it’s BGR24) . Mac’s will sometimes have a problem, depending on the player (VLC should be able to cross platform) . Youtube will convert to YUV (and as expected , some other issues will likely arise because of this)

(You initially asked for raw video ; “raw” has a special distinction in professional video and photography, but that earlier post is correct for raw planar RGB samples)

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