Raspberry Pi 4?

I am thinking to get a raspberry, and already burnt Ubuntu on my SD card (128GB, 100MB write speed, read speed was not written on package).
I am bit confused that it’s processor is enough to run shotcut and VS Code with chrome or not, I am getting the highest specs possible because it’s on a very low and budget price and I also want to learn coding in C and C++ on it.

8GB ram should be sufficient for SD videos, but I don’t know anything about it’s processor.

I have not tried it, but you can try with an unsupported ARM package here:

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It is yet not delivered, so I will get to a local shop, buy a SD card and burn debian on it.
And after it gets delivered, I will check it.

- - Edit - - :-
This works, It crashed a bit of times, but it’s working after a reinstallation. It just didn’t open and showed the shotcut logo while it was crashing, but when I uninstalled and again installed, then it worked. I will post if there are any problem.

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