Randomly EVERY clip in timeline is trimmed differently than when they were inserted

I have a nearly finished project with 50+ clips in it. I HAD every clip’s beginning and end trimmed perfect, but all of a sudden, I realize every clip in the timeline is trimmed different by a few seconds from how I trimmed them. This essentially ruined the entire project. Some clips are cut short at the end. Some have extra at the beginning that I had previously trimmed off.

I don’t know if maybe I accidentally hit something or what. While editing, I’ve obviously reviewed the timeline/project hundreds of times either from the beginning or a small portion, and its been fine for a couple days of editing with no issue like this. Then all of a sudden every clip is shortened or lengthened.

I tried hitting undo as soon as I noticed it, thinking I made a mistake causing this, but I’ve hit undo enough to a point where I know the project was still okay.

Now that everything is messed up, I can click and drag on the end of a clip in the timeline to trim what has been randomly added, but I CAN’T do this to gain the seconds that I’ve lost from clips. If there isn’t a simple solution I will pretty much have to start over after hours and hours of work

Windows 64bit
version 18.01

I believe it may have to do with me going to video mode and then hitting automatic, and in turn changing the frame rate.
But I’m still not sure how to fix this. Or if its possible to restore my project to how it was before this.

Thank you in advance!

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Changing the video mode on a project will cause in/out points to shift. Can you put the video mode back to what it was before you changed it to Automatic?

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I’m not sure where it was. When you go to video mode, it does’t highlight what the current setting, it just has a small dot next to it which I did’t see until now so I’m not sure where it was.

Does anyone know what the default setting would be?

The default setting is automatic. The automatic setting tries to pick a profile that best matches the first file you add to the project.

You could try picking a few different profiles to see if any fix the problem. The only parameter that really affects this is the frame rate.

I tried a few different ones. I got a few clips closer to where they originally were but nothing that put it back exactly how it was. I’ve also notice that it has split some clips that were never split and rearranged them to a different order.

I’m pretty sure I will have to start from scratch… or just never try to make a video again because that’s how I’m feeling currently. I know its my fault and not shotcut’s, but its such an awful situation to have a 50+ clip project with several filters and days of work to be trashed.

Thank you very much for your help though Brian.

I can appreciate how you are feeling. I’ve been there myself. I can assure you that if you choose to redo the project, it will go much faster than the first time.

Be sure to save the old “broken” project file with a new name before you start over. If I think of anything else to try, I’ll let you know.

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Have the same issue. Project was finished. I inserted one Mlt file as a video and suddenly every video was trimmed differently.

It seems like your comment is a continuation of this other thread:

I am going to close this very old thread and let the conversation play out in the other thread.