RAM full usage (Not Responding)

Not that long ago I started a YouTube channel. I successfully made and uploaded my first video using Shotcut. But after I started the second video the program frequently froze and the apple “Your system has run out of Application memory” tab popped out. Also I figured out that when you first start Shotcut it only takes up 200mb of space. When you add something or load a project, it slowly increases about 40mb/second. It never stops. Then it reaches about 54 Gigabytes and the whole program freezes. I somehow finished the video with this, but when it came to exporting I could only load 30% of the video (14 minute video). I tried multiple times and it still doesn’t work. I don’t want to spend money on a subscription to an editor so please help.

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Are you on macOS?
Does the problem occur if you make a new project (dummy project for test) or only when editing your existing project? If the problem is specific to your project, maybe you can find some certain steps or some combination of things that triggers it.

Only when I am loading my current project or add something to a brand new one it start that process

I have macOS

I just tried installing the older Shotcut, still the same error. Can someone please show the exact version of Shotcut

What memory do you mean? RAM or SSD?

I mean RAM. Shotcut, for some reason goes to 54gb but I only have 8gb of ram

Does the RAM consumption increase only if you play the contents of the timeline? Or does it start to increase even if you just add content to the timeline?
If RAM consumption increases during playback, then I solved the problem of switching from the integrated video core to a discrete video adapter a long time ago, but I have a windows laptop. This behavior is very similar to a memory leak.

Does memory leak excessively like this if you do only:

  1. Start Shotcut
  2. Choose File > Open Other > Noise
  3. OK
  4. Let it play

I too have this
Windows 11, Shotcut is not responding while loading any video.
massive memory leak and or hang signature in Windows 11 .
re-installed Shotcut 3 times and re-installed an older version but still not responding, still the same error.
ran my antivirus and ms defender but nothing.
the problem stated when Windows 11 had an update, I can not undo Windows updates. something has changed?

the Noise video is working