"Radar" text effect - filter set

Hi folks - I tinkered with the new upcoming “Opacity” slider on the Text:Simple filter (not available yet for main release but I downloaded the Nightly Build - version 23.11.23) - and together with the “filter sets” feature came up with this - RADAR text. Thanks @brian for your work on this feature!:

Here’s the filter set: (but it won’t work until the next version of SC is released).
Radar_Text_02_by_JonRay.txt (5.2 KB)

I also found if you exported it as an MP4 with a black background,

… then imported and applied a Blend mode set to Hard Light, you get this:

Looking forward to experimenting further…


UPDATE: I made a new filter-set which has more radar “rays”. I’ve used it in one of my flute videos. It was ideal for announcing a new section of the video.

Here’s a short clip from the video:

My filter-set is here if anyone would like to use it.
JonRay-Radar-text-effect-version-03-lots.txt (7.4 KB)


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