Radar animation - how to?

How to make animation similar to radar behaviour. Ex. sth similar to:

First idea was to use Mask Simple Shape and to make Triangle rotating using keyframes. Unfortunately when selecting Triangle shape I’m not able to get equilateral triangle rotating around one top…

Any other ideas how to do it?

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A simpler way is to create a triangle image in Photoshop, Gimp (free) or any other image editing software. Save it as a PNG with a transparent background and use it in Shotcut.

Based on the second video you shared, I made this one with Photoshop:

I also made a PNG for the circular grid and one for the zooming circle. I even made one of a map to put as a background.

Here’s the result:

If you want to study how I did this animation, I included the project MLT file and all the PNGs in this ZIP file:

radar-project.zip (305.1 KB)


The radar effect can be made even without using any third-party software, if you fantasize with filters :slight_smile:

I created a pretty basic prefab, if you put in a little more time, you can get absolutely any quality of effect. I am a proponent of using ALL available features of the shotcut application without the use of external tools.


@musicalbox and @dimadjdocent , well, these two demos are excellent. Bravo to you both and thanks @musicalbox for the project folder.

You’re welcome @jonray
Just for the fun of it I’ve made a more elaborate radar grid. I also added a target on the radar screen. I might also add a few other embellishments tomorrow.



I really liked the design from @musicalbox
I decided that I wanted to do the same, but only using the features of the shotcut program and I think I made it very similar. I am ready to share this project, which consists only of mlt file.

RadarSquare.zip (2.4 KB)


@dimadjdocent . @MusicalBox - Totally amazed by you two! Brilliant!

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Guys, you are Great! I’m impressed. I will have to prepare sth similar basing on your ideas. Thanks a lot for help and inspiration!

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@dimadjdocent. Your knowledge of Shotcut filters and the way you use them is absolutely brilliant.

However, there is one small problem, for me at least: Because of the large number of filters used and probably also the number of tracks, the preview is very jerky on my computer, even with Preview Scaling ON. It would go into a coma if I were to add moving targets (as in my example) to the project and also the other additions I am planning. :grin:

In comparison, if we don’t count the audio tracks for the sound effects and a video track for the black background, I only use 3 tracks at the moment for the whole animation. And there is practically no preview lag, even with Preview Scaling OFF.

Nevertheless, I am really impressed with your work. Well done! :+1:


You’re welcome @NoName. I hope you will show us the result when you are done :slight_smile:

@MusicalBox Thanks for the warm feedback! I agree with you that my method is very demanding on the processor, but in this way you can achieve good results without using any additional software. Your work also deserves applause! When I started working on the “radar”, I became really curious - can I do it using only shotcut? And it turned out that he could. And I came to one rather interesting conclusion for myself - in terms of creating such motion graphics, the shortcut is not as primitive as it might seem to a beginner at first glance. Interesting filters are hidden under the soot, which, with certain combinations, give quite interesting and high-quality results, and most importantly, I don’t need a 128-core super computer from the Pentagon to achieve my goal, a potato laptop like mine is enough)


I agree with that! Many filters may look quite ordinary at first glance, but when combined with other filters, you get very nice effects.


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Oh my radar will be quite modest comparing to your proposals. I just wanted to know in what direction to go… Although i might use sth more sophisticated in future. Still big thank you for big help! For me it was a great lesson!

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My initial attempt (1hr of HTML/CSS coding). Just remove the “.txt” suffix and run in a browser, or as a browser source in OBS Studio:

radar.html.txt (2.0 KB)


@Elusien, I knew that sooner or later you would add your HTML/CSS touch to this topic. :slight_smile:
Cool result! And easy to do, even for beginners.

This confirms once again the old saying: “There is more than one way to skin a cat

LOL! I was waiting for it, too!! :grin: :grin: I tell you what, you guys are so clever… @elusien, that’s pretty excellent!

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Dear sir,
I am trying to regenerate the alpha channel.
Now, I can freeze CSS3, GSAP, anine.js, and your WebVfx framework.
After freezing the animation, even 4K60 clips with alpha channel can be generated.
Then we can reuse these clips and apply the position filter merely.

Jst saw this in my inbox from my weekly newsletter from Codepen:


Good find. Pretty amazing to see what can be done with CSS nowadays…

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