Quick Tips from FOSS Edits (shameless self promotion)

You use FOSS software to edit your videos, so I’m guessing many of you do the same with your still photos. I’ve started a new series on my FOSS Edits channel called Quick Tips. It features short clips, <1 minute each in length, that demonstrate how to use certain elements of software such as RawTherapee or GIMP.

My first video shows how to shorten initial editing time in RawTherapee by saving common edits to the opening profile. Future topics will include L*a*b adjustments, getting the most dynamic range out of your RAW file, and navigating local editing features in RT.

Videos are, of course, assembled in Shotcut. Thanks for taking a look. Likes and new subscribers are always welcome!


Awesome! I’ve been waiting eagerly for RawTherapee 5.9 to be released before digging into the new local adjustments features. Chatter on the forum sounds like we’re just waiting to kick off the translators before release. I’ll use your videos to get started.

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Thanks so much! I don’t know why I waited so long to upgrade. The Dev version works just fine, and the local editing features are a game changer. I’ve got some more of these quick tips in the pipeline, and I’ll include the newer components in some of them.

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