Questions about a Shotcut Advertisment

Hi my name is Gavin. I run a few YouTube channels and I got someone named Paul emailing me saying that they are the advertising manager for Shortcut. They offered me to advertise for Shortcut in one of my videos. They sent me files which I have not opened yet. I feel bad that I am skeptical but can someone confirm that I am actually being hired for Shortcut to do this ad? After hearing about some people getting hacked because of offers like that this, I just want to make sure that everything is legitimate before I take it. I do not know where else to reach out cause there are no email or support pages on Shortcut’s homepage so I hope this forum post reaches someone. Thank you.

Scam. Here are some other instances of it:

That happened to Matthias Wandel a few weeks ago.
He opened the attached file and in a matter of hours, his YouTube account was hacked and all his video were set to Unlisted and replaced by other stuff.

I only opened a PDF file and not the dropbox link. Thankfully the PDF had no viruses on it or anything to steal my information. I thought it was weird that they weren’t linking back to the site after asking about it MULTIPLE times. They finally did and I was very hesitant to get the dropbox file. I almost downloaded it twice but I canceled the download each time cause something felt off. I am disappointed that this is a thing but thankful that I did not lose my account to some scammers.

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I received something similar this weekend.
So many things felt off about it - notably that a Free open source software would be paying for youtube ads, or that they would select a channel that gets <100 views per video to advertise lol

The initial contact email was the following:

Hello! My name is Tiffany and I’m the advertising manager for Shotcut.
We would like to offer you cooperation in the form of advertising our video editor in your YouTube video.

About Shotcut.
Shotcut is a cross-platform video editor which allows you to edit videos, add effects and create a movie. More advanced than Story Remix but not as complex as Blender, the software has a sleek, intuitive interface including dockable and undockable panels, and supports hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs. Shotcut allows you to trim, cut and edit graphics, images and colours, and you can open files by drag-n-drop, as well as the usual menu and toolbar methods. You can also add audio, subtitles and speed effects, and reverse a clip. Learn more and view a full list of features at the Shotcut website.

About Our Offer.
We would love to have a promotional pre-roll at the beginning or middle of your video and a link to our website in the description below the video.

Please let me know if you are interested in our offer so we can discuss advertising rates and deadlines.

Tiffany Myers

Stay safe out there!

What is the sender domain? I did report to per the whois info, and they replied that will look into and take action if they agree.

The person who contacted me was from . Thank you so much for this and I am glad I didn’t accept anything from them.