Question regarding audio waveform visualization

i am editing a video and i want a audio waveform visualization overlay over my video file (what is visually happening in video) so that my video file is is still visible and the audio waveform over it, when i just select the audio which is separate file to the video, the video format overlaps the audio and therefore is not visible in the video


Can you please clarify your question?

Are you using the “Audio Waveform Visualization” filter?

Consider providing a screenshot showing what you are trying.

I have a video file that i want to play, and then id like a overlay with audio waveform visualization of the music, so in this case a other file than the video.
So, i have the screenshot above which ill explain, i want the video file (the one above, blue) to be visible and have the visualization waveform of the audio file (the greenish/yellow one below) visible on the screen ABOVE the video file, if that makes sense.

In this picture u can even see the box of the “audio waveform visualization”, yet its not visible even tho there is the box for it.

Drag that audio clip to a video track, above your video to view waveform.


yes, but now the audio clip overlaps the video clip so i only see thewaveform, nothing else as seen in picture

i want the video clip to be visible and the audioform ONLY to be visible over the clip, not the “background” thing

Make sure the AV waveform filter’s Background Color is Transparent.

its not about that, as u see on 2nd to previous screenshot, (where u can see big guy lying on ground) u can see the box for the text, yet its not visible so its not about the background

Works for me:

Maybe if you would share your whole Shotcut window we could spot something wrong.


easiest way to get this sorted is if somebody would add me on discord and i could just screen share it, fabbe#7472

I have added. But I will be not doing a video or audio call for this, nor joining one. It’s better to just send screen recording.

You can not put the audio waveform visualization filter on a clip in an audio track. A1 is an audio track.

Look more closely at my screenshot above. The waveform filter is on top and in a video track.

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i see, how do i do it then?

sent you msgs but seems u arent responding

You have a lot of short clips on your V1 track so I would create a V2 track and use Open → Color to put a transparent clip on it, the position and length equal to where you want the waveform, then add the Audio Waveform Visualization filter to that transparent clip.

i will try this, thank you!

Ohh! Sorry but in my grandma’s house the internet network is very poor, and also many times 3 sites didn’t respond here (YouTube, Discord and Twitch), I will be checking the messages out when I reach my home which is the day after tomorrow as I will be taking flight on 22nd july only.

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