Question On MLT Files Created During Proxy Workflow

I was going to ask this in the v20.06 beta thread but it got closed so I made a separate thread.

During my tests of the proxy workflow I noticed that sometimes there were mlt project files that would show up in the same folder I have set the proxies to be stored in. These mlt project files all have the name as “shotcut-” followed by a letter and five numbers then “- backup -” followed by another set of a letter and five numbers.

What are these? Are these autosaves during a proxy workflow? Shouldn’t these be in the autosave folder? Or do these replace the normal autosaves during a proxy workflow?

I didn’t see anything in the documentation about this.

They are backups as part of the normal save/overwrite and toggle proxy operations, different than autosave. Do a normal save and view the end of the application log to see some activity. It will sometimes use the project path folder instead of the temp directory to handle relative path issues or because the system temp dir is not writable (found when triaging a bug report).

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