Question - howto and english word

Hi i have no idea howto name it in english, guess would be scene grabber or video decompiler ?
If you have a old video, to grab all the scenes and put them on the time line.
So you can re edit and make a new video of it.
How to do this and what is the english name for this action.

Load your video file into Shotcut.
Pick the spot you want to capture.
File - Export Frame (then choose where you want to save it, and name the file)

Excellent job describing what you want to accomplish.

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Thank you,that works :slight_smile:

Is there a way to select more frames at one time

Add the video clip to the Timeline, position the timeline play head to the beginning of a scene and then click the Split button the timeline toolbar. Now you can click to select, and use Cut and Paste to rearrange.

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