Question about importing videos with higher resolution than video mode

Hello. I have set the video mode to 1280x720 and I’m importing a video file recorded at 1920x1080. I was expecting my recording to be out of the bounds of the “canvas”, staying true to its size and cropping anything beyond the video mode resolution. Instead, it seems my video is scaling down to 1280x720. How can I disable this automatic scaling? (I can decide later if I want to reduce my recording to fit the video mode).


Add the Size, Position & Rotate filter and change Size to match the source.

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Thank you!. It’s an extra step but it works fine and I can copy and paste the filter in every clip.

There are also “track filters”, which you can add by clicking the track all the way on the left and then go through the normal filter add path, and that applies the filter to every clip in that track. That way you don’t have to do it one clip at a time.

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Great! This will come in handy. Thanks a lot.

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