Question about exporting and melt

So, I have been trying to export a video for the past three hours now, but every time I do Shotcut keeps crashing. But now, something called ‘melt.exe’ is running. So, is melt a part of Shotcut? And does it do any exporting in the background even if Shotcut isn’t active or something? And, if so, can I check the progress it has made?


I am not sure about the reason why it crashes @AcerbusTheDark . But when I had the problem I improved my system specifications from 4gb ram to 8.
So that made it out well.
Maybe you can also try that.
Or the simple thing is that you can install shotcut on a better computer.
Or you may have to visit the cyber center for editing the videos.
Thank you


melt.exe is the process that Shotcut uses to perform the export in the background. If Shotcut is not running, but you see melt.exe running, something is wrong and you should restart your computer.

For your problem, does Shotcut actually crash, or does the export stop before it is finished?

When Shotcut runs, it keeps an application log in:

You can open that log file after the crash and shared it on this forum. Maybe it will have a hint about why Shotcut crashed.

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