Question about Audio Spectrum plugin

Great plugin! I’ve been using it for some time now…

I have questions about setting the Tension option. What exactly is it for? I can’t clearly see a change (at least on preview). Is it to give that “elastic” effect on bars, for example? This is what I’m pursuing… Is there any page with this documentation?

Thanks in advance!

ps: I would suggest couple more options: e.g. Be able to set the bar’s vertical thickness when no audio is detected. When I set the bar to the maximum thickness (20 pixels), the minimum bar becomes a square. I wish there was a fine line… Besides that, a built-in shadow option would be nice (is there a plugin for that?)

No plugin for a shadow but you can create your own.

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It changes the tightness of the curves for the line type. It does not apply for the bar type.

So I guess you are asking for separate control of horizontal and vertical line thickness. That’s a valid suggestion.

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I see, manual shadow… I saw a tutorial on this possibility but I really wish there was an integrated option… :frowning:

I see… so the Tension option has nothing to do with bar type… hum… I’d suggest it to autohide if bar option is choosen (if possible), for the sake of clarity.

I’ve made a test video: Applied a glow effect - as I saw a suggestion here in the forum - and I really liked the result! Things I missed:

  • Possibility to set vertical thickness (as suggested)
  • Possibility to configure “attack”, “hold” and “release” to the bars, in milisseconds
  • Maybe the possibility to set a “peak marker” (remember Winamp? heh! :stuck_out_tongue:)

It took me some time to realize that I shouldn’t apply this spectrum analyzer effect to an audio track for the plugin to work properly… It’s a bit counter-intuitive when you make audio-videos with static images. :laughing:

Until this post, I never really looked or played with the audio spectrum once, so thank you.

I just stacked 3 filters together. They are not properly aligned, and below are the settings.

Just click on Summary to see the settings.


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