PROXY settings and "Properties" appear to disagree

PROXY Editing works well for me but I’m seeing an unexpected Resolution of 1280x720 under Properties at the same time the text to the on the right side of the Project tab says “Proxy and preview scaling are On at 540p”. I did check and the proxy file that’s created is in fact 540p.

So, just because I’m curious, why would Properties in the files in the play list a different resolution?

(The source files are 4K and I’m using version 22.06.23 on Windows 11.)

proxy files

The proxy generator uses the preview scaling resolution that the time it is generated. Is it possible that you generated the proxy before you turned on review scaling or before you set the preview scaling to 540?

Yes, that was it. I had tried the 720p proxy setting earlier. To test 540p, I created a new project, loaded the same video clips and then clicked on Proxy / Make Proxy thinking that would overwrite the previous proxy file. (It did create a task that was doing something…)

Deleting all the old Proxy files, then starting a new project was a safer bet and it solved the issue.

Thank you!

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