Proxy for image sequence

i use a lot of image sequences for VERY high resolution time lapses… and … it would be soooo cool if Shotcut could use proxy!! (probably a video file as a proxy?)
Thank you!

Slightly off topic but do you have a link to your videos?

Hope you like it! :+1:

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In the meantime, what about making a project just for the timelapse images, exporting them with an intermediate codec like DNxHR or libx264 at 100% quality, then bring that video into your main project? As a video asset now, it would get a proxy made, as well as give you speed control and time remap options that an image sequence wouldn’t have.

yes, you are right… even if “100% quality” doesn’t exist, i guess nobody could notice the difference…

i’m just worried about the size of this “lossless” file… the photos directory is sometimes as big as 60-80gb…

maybe i should have a try before complaining!

That was my thought behind the H.264 lossless preset which uses libx264 at 100% quality. It is essentially lossless but still benefits from interframe compression. File sizes should be reasonable, and will definitely make editing on the timeline more responsive.

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Cool reverse rainbow. I’ve never seen one of those. I can imagine this editing would be difficult, with mega hi-res photos. Interesting how all the meteors have an apparent pink and green trail.

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yes… thank you for watching… i guess they are all ± the same color because they are from the same “cloud”, same kind of rocks and metals inside…

Speaking of this proxy for images thing… has it been confirmed that proxies are NOT generated for image sequences? Reason I ask is because I opened Shotcut after having used proxies on a video project. And when I dragged an image to the timeline, it still had the proxy setting on from prior use, and it did a progress bar proxy generation for the image - at least visually in the interface, if not also behind the scenes. Maybe with time lapses with hundreds or thousands of images, it’s a different beast. I’m not certain. Either way, Austin’s 2-step method of first exporting the movie of sequenced hires images, then moving around that movie in a second project (scaling, scrolling, rotation) seems like a good method.

Shotcut does create proxies for images.

After adding a 1920x1080 image to the Timeline (Preview Scaling set to 360p):

In the Proxy folder:

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Hah ?

Maybe it does create proxy for images, but not images sequence?

I have to test it! Thank you for your comments!

Correct. See the docs, easily found in a search here

thank you…
i hope one day shotcut can do proxy for image sequence…