Proxy files being exported?

Six months ago, I exported this file that I was working on (just to get an idea of how it would look in its final form) and it was crisp and sharp and wonderful. (Still got that exported file)

Then I did some more editing, fine tuning and stuff, and did another export of the same file. And it looks terrible: Low res, blurry and hard to watch.

Same footage, same settings, same everything – but a very different result.

Then I studied it closer. And I discovered that, out of the 64 clips that made up the file, only 58 were affected – but 6 were not. Six, seemingly random, clips still stood sharp and crisp in Hi Def – but the rest did not.

I then exported the other 13 chapters of the project and the results are consistently pretty poor.

Every time a new version of Shotcut is available I update, but other than that I have made no changes. The clips are the same, the settings are the same. What could possibly cause this problem?

Also, some audio files went missing or had been moved and Shotcut repaired.

Is it possible that I am somehow exporting the proxy files instead of the hi-res originals? And, if so, how do I fix that?

I am still learning Shotcut, and have no editing experience – so, I really need help and would very much appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

Thanks in advance.


There was a bug fixed in Shotcut - New Version 22.06: Glaxnimate

  • Fixed repairing a project with Settings > Proxy > Use Proxy on saves proxy file paths into repaired project file.

More advice here:

Hi Dan,
Thanks very much for your reply and your advice.
I have spent all day experimenting and I am convinced that you are right; Shotcut has lost the path to the full project files and is substituting these with the proxy files.
When I disable proxy it still shows 640x360 as opposed to the 1920x1080 of the original footage.
Is there a way to see the path to the proxy file and then change it back to the one that leads to the full project file? That would be so awesome.
Really appreciate your help. Thank you.
Best regards,

Instructions on how to use Replace to fix it are in the advice link above.

Hi Dan,
Thanks again for your help. But, uh, I can’t find the ‘advice link above’.
I am obviously not looking in the right place, could you please point me? Thanks.

Follow the three steps in this post:

.mlt project files are actually only text files. So another possible solution is:

  1. Make a copy of the .mlt file for security;
  2. Open the .mlt file in a text editor;
  3. Replace each instance of a proxy filename with the correct filename.

If you make a mistake and screw up the .mlt file you always have the copy to fall back to.

Thank you, gentlemen. Problem solved.
I am in awe of your incredible knowledge and cleverness, in a field that I know so little about, and I so appreciate your willingness to share. Thanks again. Heaps.

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