Proxy File for MLT Files Used as Clip on the Timeline

To speed up my editing process I employ “Chaptering,” where I split my edit into several chapters saved in separate MLT files. Once I finish & save one chapter of my edit I open up a new MLT file and work on the next chapter. After finishing all the chapters, I create a new timeline and combine all the MLTs (placed as clips) to apply all the master filters then export.

The first part of the technique works fine, but when I place the MLTs as clips, Shotcut stutters because I feel like it loads all the components of the MLT in full resolution, even if I have proxy turned on.

Can Shotcut be tricked into thinking that the MLT file is a video and create a proxy file for it? I don’t really want to export my MLTs into video because I might as well edit in one timeline.

My tutorial on chaptering below


Good idea but knowing when to automatically regenerate a proxy for this can be tricky. Manual only ok?


That can work too depending on how to execute it. I’d love to see how you would do it