Proxy feature not allowing to revert back to original resolution while exporting


Someone please help me!

  1. I started using proxy feature at 540p in shotcut.
  2. I simply selected proxy from settings, then dragged video onto my timeline and proxy started (and completed)
  3. Then I finished my editing and hit on export but got exported in lesser resolution and not the original one.

This is the 2nd time I faced this issue and not sure where I am going wrong.
Please help!

Version - 21.05.18

You are experiencing a problem due to a known bug in the 21.05 versions that has since been fixed. See “Fixed a proxy may used instead of the original when dropping from file manager to Timeline” in Shotcut - New Version 21.06.29. However, an upgrade will not fix your broken project. You need to turn off the proxy mode and use the Replace action on the bad timeline clips to fix it. Or, if it it a small project maybe start over. Sorry for the problem, but this is one reason why we switched the download page to the older version 21.03.21 as our “Recommended Stable Version” but you can also choose to upgrade to the latest through the news/blog posts. Most people have found the latest version 21.06.29 to be very stable and fix most bugs introduced in version 21.05.


Ah, Okay.

I will update my version. Thanks for the reply.

PS: Spent almost 2 days searching for a solution but never mind, at least got to know the reason now :slight_smile:

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