Proxy export without the right quality

While editing, I moved the files Im using In the project to other folder. From that, I’ve been having trouble when opening the project after save it (i have to manually localize the files in their respective folders). So I decided to create another save for the project, from that point on, I didn’t have to locate the files manually.
I always used proxy for editing, but when i create the new save, the exported file wasn’t in the correct and high quality i expected. The exported file was as in the preview proxy scale.
What could i do? This has something to do with the new save? I don’t wanna lost this project.
pls help :’)

I have had this happen, once a long time ago, and once recently.

  • The first time, it was because I had mistakenly clicked “Use preview scaling” on the Video tab in the Export window.

  • The recent time was after I had made my own Proxy files, and then in the same edit session had edited and Exported my final video. The Video tab in the Export window was the culprit again, but this time I had neglected to restore the Rezolution to 1920x1080; it was still set to the Proxy size of 960x540.

The problem is a little difficult to understand, but upload your project file to help understand and make a recommendation.

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