Proxy Editing

The problem is that Shotcut won’t know if you are closing the program for the night, planning to work on it some more tomorrow, or closing it for the final time … or “closing” it due to a crash. (Of if you are like me … closing it, only to realize that there is one little thing I want to change.) If Shotcut deleted the proxies every time it is closed, there would be a lot of possible situations where you had to re-create the proxies the next time you used it.

I suppose one could set up something that would delete the files after 6 months of non-use … but I think it would be easier to do something like DRM suggests.

You can also do this manually by Settings > Proxy > Storage > Show… Your file manager opens. Sort the files in the files in the file manager by date. Delete oldest files. Shotcut updates the modified date and time each time it “uses” a proxy. This is done to eventually provide automatic size/age management in a cross-platform manner, but it is not yet included.


Thats how I made it now.
I do not use project files, so a Project folder is also not a solution, it would be nice if it get always deleted, as option.
If I have to reopen a prject, then I will wait that the software make a new proxy.

With Proxies turned on, if I add clips to my playlist (either in a batch, or individually), ShotCut creates a proxy of the first clip - which it then uses for all the other clips!
The filenames are camera clips which are sequentially numbered, so I suppose that means the filenames are very similar (but they are different) - is this a possible cause of ShotCut applying the first proxy it makes to all the clips (and not creating proxies for the other clips at all)?
Any ideas how I can stop it doing this?
Many thanks!

День добрый, при редактировании видео с большим качеством начинает зависать при нажатии кнопки плей, примерно раз в 10 секунд,происходит воспроизведение видео. Может конечно комп средний, но можно ли в настройках программы Шоткат или компа еще увеличить производительность его? Было ОЗУ 8ГБ, поставил 16ГБ, чуть только изменилась ситуация.В программе самой есть настройки для увеличения или облегчить чтоли само видео при редактировании его? Подскажите плиз, спасибо заранее :wink:
P.s. железо ОЗУ 16 гб, процессор AMD FX™-6300, видяха Nvidia GF GTX 760.

I am trying to make a very long video from dashcam files. It has 80 clips, about 5 min long each, around 244G total data.

Shotcut has made over 134 files, and is still going. It looks like it is also making “converted” files in addition to those labeled “Proxy,” but I am not clear why.

I thought it would make 80 proxy files and then I could begin putting this adventure together.

Am I missing something?

Apparently I did something to generate a bunch of unneeded files. I deleted those files, then started editing with the proxy files.

I wish I could figure out a way to order the files with the proxy files together in chronological order.