Proxy continues past 100%

I have a problem that when I create a proxy, it just continues processing but doesn’t ever finish the proxy.
When it reaches 100% it doesn’t stop it continues on to 150% 200% 300% but then when I manually stop the proxy there are several minutes of footage missing at the end so the proxy is saved but it’s not complete.
I thought it might be a bug in the version so I updated it to 22.06.23 but the problem still persists.
I’ve been digging around on the forum, and I’m unable to find a similar issue to this, has anyone seen this before?
I’ve been using Shotcut for about a year now although I am still new to video editing.

This is a known issue that occurs with some source files:

Have you tried to wait until it eventually completes? Generally, it will complete the job eventually and the resulting file is good.

I bet it does, but you are stopping it. Ignore the cosmetic % issue and let it finish so it represents the total footage. That is not so difficult or intolerable.

Thank you very much you were kind to respond I will try that.

Thank you very much! I’ll see if that works.