Provide better highlight on selected tabs to make them stand out in the group

It is difficult to tell which tab is currently selected, because the contrast between the selected tab and the rest is not eye-catching at all!




This is even more of a problem with laptop displays that have narrow viewing angle. If such screens are not angled directly toward the viewer, all the tabs appear identical!

One or more of the following should be done:

  1. Show the selected tab with a different background color
  2. Show the label of the selected tab in bold
  3. Show the label of the selected tab in different color (e.g. yellow)
  4. Show the label of the selected tab in a larger font
  5. Highlight the borders of the selected tab
  6. Show a thick line on the bottom border of the selected tab

Here is a good example from Vivaldi browser:

Note that the selected tab (1) is contrasted against the background, while the unselected tabs (2) appear to merge with the background. Thus, only the selected tab stands out in the whole group.

The selected tab also has its label in bold (3). This is yet another way to make it stand out.

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