Property for text:simple

A property called “visible characters” which is an integer value that will default to the amount of characters in the text, and it can have keyframes, let me explain

Basically, if you have the text “text” then the visible characters will be set to 4 and it will read out “text” on the screen. But if you set the visible characters to 3 then it will read out “tex” and if you set visible characters to 0 then the text will read out nothing. But it isn’t actually removing the characters, it’s just making them invisible, so it won’t change the layout and stuff.

This could be an alternative to use for the typewriter effect since it gives you more control with keyframes. You don’t have to go 1 letter at a time so you can manually make entire words appear. You could also go backwards at any time, and you can even go backwards and forwards so you could create effects like backspacing a word then typing a different one.

By that, do you mean one of the actual methods to create a typewriter effect? Like for example using a Crop: Rectangle filter or a Mask: Simple Shape filter with keyframes that reveals/hides characters one at the time.

There is an entry in the Road Map about a typewriter effect that will probably make this process much faster and easier.


I was saying this could be used instead of the upcoming typewriter effect