Proper Dolly Zoom Effect

Does anyone know or does Shotcut have the means do a proper dolly zoom effect? I can’t video any tutorial on how to do it. Lit this

You would use either the Rotate and Scale or Size and Position filters. If you need a visual guide like the one seen in that video you can use the Grid display options that is the first button to the left of the volume button that is right under the player.

I tried playing those filters and they do not give you same effect as far as the warping of the video.

Are you using footage that is being zoomed in?

This was posted just the other day on YT

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Definitly no!
The dolly zoom effect is a three-dimensional matter that is calculated in relation to the speed of the distance and zoomIng in or out.

A proper Dolly zoom is done while filming, which was mentioned in the video you posted.
If you want to achieve a crude imitation, you can use the filters mentioned by @DRM and follow this tutorial: .
Please be aware that this will not work on every type of footage.

If you have proper footage it can be done with Shotcut.
Used the rotate and scale filter.
Keyframed to make the tower the same size at the start and end of the clip. Then adjusted the X and Y offsets to compensate for movement. It’s not perfect.


Showing me in a different software doesn’t help.

You are the MVP!!!


Well it helped me to get a better understanding of the principle. Thanks, @samth.

I’ve done it in a few videos using Shotcut but your source video also has to be zooming in or out. Here’ s a quick edit with that effect but would be much better on a stabilized video.

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