Propagation on tracks?

I feel like it has a bug on propagation on tracks, unless I missed something.
I have three tracks, whether I select a timeline or a track and type ‘S’ or click the ][ icon, only the selected track or timeline is muted.

SC 23.06.14

Not a bug.

Certainly, so what is the use of propagation on tracks?

I guess that is a translation from “ripple” that is used in English. This button does not apply to every action; it only applies to edit actions that have a ripple option (such as removal, cut, etc.) Splitting is not something that can ripple. Ripple means to affect all of the following clips on the same track. There is nothing moving or following in a split action. What you are asking for (split across all tracks) is reasonable and already suggested several times, but it is not correct design to pair that with the Ripple All Tracks option. Basically, this feature is going to be implemented along with the clip grouping feature when we get around to it. Then, when a split affects a group, it will split across all members of the group. This implies a multi-clip split, which means a new action to Split All Tracks is also easily possible.

Thanks Shoycut for explaining :ok_hand:

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